Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free $50 Facebook ad credit!

There's an amazing opportunity available for Etsy sellers (and other small business owners) right now! Facebook is currently offering up to $150 in free FB ad credit through their Small Business Boost program. To qualify, you need to have a FB fan page located in the U.S. with at least 50 likes so far. When you apply, they'll send you an email with a coupon code for $50 free credit and details about how to set up your ad. And if you get at least 100 new fans between the start of your ads using the $50 credit and April 1, 2012, you get another $100 in free ad credit. This is the perfect opportunity to gain new fans and drive traffic to your Etsy shop and it's all free!

I've noticed quite a few users in the Etsy forums complaining that the page told they did not qualify for the ad credit due to their location, even though they are in the U.S. That's because you need to set your location: to do so, here's the following steps:

  1. Go to your FB fan page
  2. Click on "Edit Info" or the "Edit Page" button on the top right hand corner
  3. Go to "Basic Information" on the left hand side
  4. Add your city/state. You don't have to put an actual address if you don't want to (I didn't and it still worked for me)


It's pretty awesome, within three days of starting my free FB ad, my fan page got more than 50 new likes. I hit 100 new likes within 10 days and received an email about the extra $100 credit the next day :)

Here's my stats from 2/29/12 through 3/9/12 for the first ad that I ran:
target: 283,460
campaign reach: 31,514
connections: 244 (<-- # of new FB likes)
spent: $40

I've been running three separate ads since 2/29/12. One links directly to my FB fan page, one goes to my Etsy shop, and another is a "Sponsored Stories" ad. Before my ads started, I had 374 fans and as of today, I'm at 892 fans and counting. I don't know many sales have resulted directly or indirectly due to the ads, but I'm extremely satisfied with my increased fan base; it'll definitely make it easier to spread information about promotions and new products to a large audience!


I set up my first ad per click and my bid was $0.55 per click, but I actually only paid about $0.18 per click on average. You'll want to narrow down your target market to about 200,000 or less to maximize your ad's potential to reach people who will actually like your FB fan page and/or visit your shop. The area to do so is the "Targeting" section when you create your ad. You can choose the demographics you want to reach and under "Interests," start typing different things that your audience generally likes. For example, my shop usually has customers who like kawaii or use my buttons to make hairbows, so some of the "interests" for my ad included bottle caps, kawaii, various hairbow FB pages, SAHM fan pages, etc.

You can run more than one ad at once, so I would suggest creating two ads, one that links to your FB fan page and one that goes directly to your Etsy shop, and see which works better and translates into more sales for you :) Be sure to use a photograph that will capture people's attention and summarizes what you sell in a quick glance.


You have to make sure and apply the coupon for the free ad credit under Funding Sources, otherwise it will charge your CC or PP account (whatever you chose to use as your backup funding source). Go to www.facebook.com/ads/manage, Billing, then Funding Sources. There's also a place to set a budget for the ad and it will stop running the ad once it reaches the specified amount. Go to www.facebook.com/ads/manage, Billing, then edit the "Amount Spend."

This picture shows my ad coupon applied as my primary funding source. I have $87.94 left from the extra $100 ad credit that I received. There's also a little blurb that says "Note: Your funding source will only be charged after your campaign charges exceed your coupon balance."

This picture shows my daily charges for my FB ad and under payment method, it shows "Facebook Coupon" so that's how I know it's using the balance from my ad credit and not my PP account. You can also pause the ad at any time, so as long as you check on your ad spending (www.facebook.com/ads/manage) every once in a while and use the budget, there's no reason why you should go over the amount of the free credit unless you choose to.

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