Friday, May 6, 2011

My first ever kawaii giveaway ♥

Yay, I'm so excited to be hosting my first giveaway for my Etsy shop! This contest is open to kawaii lovers all over the world and you'll have lots of ways to obtain entries.

  1. A kawaii mystery jar filled with the following: 50 memo sheets, 25 sticker flakes, 2 rolls of small deco tape, 1 pack of lucky star paper, 10 pieces of Asian candy, and 1 sticker sack. For US/Canada only due to shipping costs.
  2. A kawaii super grabbie that includes the following: 50 memo sheets, 25 sticker flakes, and 5 letter sets (2 sheets + 1 envelope per set). For everyone else (excludes US/Canada).
♥ THE ENTRIES (feel free to do any combination!)
  1. Leave me a comment on this post with a link to your favorite item from my shop and tell me what you like to do with your kawaii stationery! (1 entry)
  2. Follow or subscribe to my blog and leave me a comment letting me know (1 entry)
  3. Like my Facebook page and leave a comment on the Wall about your favorite item from my shop (1 entry)
  4. Tweet about my giveaway and your favorite item. Leave a link to the tweet on this post (1 entry)
  5. Blog about my giveaway and your favorite item. Link me to your post by leaving a comment! (2 entries)
  6. Post a YouTube video about my giveaway. Link me to your video by leaving a comment (2 entries)
  7. Make a purchase from my shop. Every item you buy equals 2 entries into the giveaway! Just leave a comment with your etsy name and the date of the purchase!
Check this list for all entries!
    The giveaway will run until June 3, 2011. The two winners will be chosen randomly by a List Randomizer and will be announced in a new post on June 4. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to me here or via email ( to claim their prize. If I do not hear back from them within that time period, I will announce another winner(s). Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a fabulous day!

    Remember, the more entries you have, the better the chance you will have to win! Giveaway provided by Panda Love Shop


    1. Ooo I just love the panda deco tape, so so cute;

      My sister loves kawaii so I buy most of it for her, then receive a lot of it back in penpal letters and thank you notes!!!

    2. I have followed your blog! Thank you for doing a giveaway! It is hard to choose my favourite item since I love them all, but I guess it would be the "Kawaii Grab Bag with Letter Set".

      To be honest, the only thing I do with kawaii stationary is collect them, since I feel like they are too precious to be used, haha.

    3. This is just the perfect thing I need most to start off my scrap-booking! It's just too KAWAIII!

      MEMOS! MEMOS! MEMOS! (haha you can just tell I love MEMOS!)I don't know why but I started a love for them. :)
      oh and I am following you blog ^^

    4. I have only just started collecting Kawaii. I agree with Letters on a Grain, I feel they are too cute and precious to use. I love your shop and my fave item is the deco tape. It's so hard to get in the UK. I will add that I found your prices super value, and will certainly be visiting your shop when I get paid :)

    5. oops forgot the link:


    7. I also chose the kawaii panda deco tape I <3 Pandas so much! I usually keep my stationary to myself ( selfish!) for notes to myself but I sometimes use it for Thank You notes and I always use stickers to give to others! :D

    8. I love this

      if i won i'd use the stationary to send cute letters to my friends :D

    9. hi hi ^^

      My favourite item:
      With my kawaii stationary, I'd write a love letter LOLOLOL ><"

      i also followed you (: ('cynthiagiang)

      I tweeted the post as well.. i only know how to link to my profile so yeah LOL ._> (!/tofublock)


    10. My Fav is the San-X Rilakkuma Memo Sheet Mix

      and from your livejournal store I love the Kawaii whimsy jars ^-^

    11. I am now following your blog ~yay~ and my favorite item is the address labels. All the sticker flakes and memo's are great and all but I could really use some address labels right now and yours are adorable :) (can you tell I found your giveaway through Swap-bot lol) - Oh and for what I like to do with my kawaii stationary...right now I like to hoard it XD

    12. hey you :) great idea for a give away. my favorite things of yours in etsy is this:

      i love memo sheets and i collect them so id love to swap them and keep some for my privet letters. by the way my email is:

    13. i also posted on your facebook wall :)

    14. > i love the San-X Rilakkuma Memo Sheet Mix <3

      > and with a kawaii stationery : i'll send letters to my penpals...

    15. > Followed you as : Gb Demure

    16. Here is my blog post including your contest. :D

    17. > Liked your page on facebook
      username : Chica Architekt

    18. > Tweet about it :!/AzedMc/status/67298190155710464

    19. > blogged about it :

    20. my fav :

      I love to leave my hubby cute little notes for him to read in the morning before he goes to work!

      ~liked your shop and favorited some things, liked your FB page, posted on your wall, and sharing about your giveaway on my fan page AND personal page~

    21. I like

      Because I enjoy writing to-do-lists and memos to myself using cute stationary. :)

    22. I follow your blog! Username: QuackedPlush


    23. I love everything in your store! They are so cute. So, I couldn't pick my one favorite item! I favorited your store (meimoon). I also liked you on Facebook (Amanda Brooks). I also subscribed to your blog :)


      rilakkuma looks so cute! i would use it to write memos to myself and my friends :)

      i subscribed to your blog and liked your facebook

    25. Ooohh~ I love your blog! I'm definitely following now and my favorite item from your etsy shop is this one....

      I also liked you on Facebook, made you a fav on my Etsy and WILL be taking advantage of the SB discount code VERY soon!!!


    26. My favorite item in your shop right now would be

      I'm a total sucker for stickers. ~

      I use all my kawaii supplies in my journal/scrapbook .

      My etsy name: DaintyZombii
      date of purchase: May 8,2011

    27. Ahhh Rilakkuma!

      Haha that would have to be my favorite item in your shop right now (:
      I love using the paper to write notes to give with gifts, and using the small memos as gift tags!

      Totally following your blog as well & liked you on facebook and Commented :D (Emma Blake Howard)
      and just tweeted about your giveaway!!/EmmaBuddah

      Blogged too! --

    28. I just purchased 3 items from your shop (:
      My etsy name is ItsEmu

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    30. I like the item Well I would like to use the stationary to decorate my letters :)
      I followed your blog! :D!/clarangheXD

    31. Entry 1. Favorite item: sticker flake mix
      I would use them for scrap booking, decorations, or collect them!

      Entry 2. I followed your blog! =)

      Entry 3. Blogged about your giveaway.

      I love pandas! What can I say?
      I would write to my friend in Canada because she loves cute stationary. I also like to scrapbook and begin next year when I move in with my friends to our new house!

      so cute !
      would decorate my binder with it :D

    34. ahh~ i love the large memo mix :3 i love writing letters!

    35. liked your fb page as well (: aaand blogged about it here ( <3

    36. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! (:

      My favorite item from your shop is:

      I used to only collect and never use my kawaii stationery because I couldn't bare to! But now I have so much I use them, particularly loving to create "to-do" lists or write little reminders; makes everything seem so much funner!

    37. heya hunny bee! Ichigoshortcake from swapbot!!!
      Im now following you hehe, i might aswell join ^^
      Following as Mimi xx